It was Acid House in 1988 that got Joti hooked on electronic dance music. It was also the same year that he started djing in bars and clubs around Brighton in the UK at the tender age of 17.

Acid house led onto the techno scene and shortly after that in 1993 Goa Trance, where he would be the producer and engineer of Ayahuasca alongside Steve Ronan and Dino Psaras where the tracks were written at Joti’s studio in Brighton.

A Concept In Dance - Digital Alchemy 1994

The first releases of Ayahuasca was on A Concept in Dance, on XL Records, one of the first Psytrance compilations. Ayahuasca also released on Dragonfly Records and followed up these releases with a remix of Paul Oakenfolds “Rise” on Perfecto Records

In 1994 he stared his own solo project, Psychaos that would go on to become a successful influence on the Goa scene and the developing Psy-Trance scene that followed it. The first legendary release Psychaos “Psychaos” was on the second Concept in Dance compliation Tribal Science released in 1995.

This was when his sound and Psychaos became extremely popular around the globe playing at weird and wonderful places from Guadeloupe, French Caribbean, to Nevada Deserts “The Burning Man Festival”, from Castles in France and Yugoslavia, Ancient Ruins in Greece, Mount Fuji in Japan, the Australian Outback to Expo Portugal in Lisbon, Summer ski resorts in the mountains of Switzerland to the clubby well trodden winter circuits of Europe and quite a few places and festivals in between.

In 1998 Joti released his first solo album Psychaos Cause and Effect” on Atomic records.

After the closing of Atomic Records in late 2002, Joti “put himself back to school”, redefined his sound and techniques and decided to create with his given name Joti Sidhu. 

In 2003 Joti released his second solo album Punktuator, which shows him taking a cleaner, slicker production line and joining forces with and releasing on Neurobiotuc Records.

Joti also teamed up with Simon Posford (Hallucinogen/Shpongle) to create  Audio Chemistry, their first track Long Long Arms is featured on the Punktuator Album.

After a string of releases on compilations he returned to the studio to complete his 3rd album New Sensations released in 2007 also on Neurobiotic Records.

His 4th album Order to Chaos released in 2010 saw Joti returning to his techno roots and branching out in experimental psytech themes and collaborations.

Since then Joti returned to his techno roots to discover further inspiration which led him onto becoming head engineer and producer at the biggest studio complex in ibiza.

Joti made a remix album in 2014 that he didn’t release, which has been the main ingredients featured in his PA and Live shows. 

Joti Sidhu Brazil 2009

In 2010 Joti played his first Psychaos Retro Goa set and his sound and vibe became hugely popular once again, moving another generation of party goers and many many retro sets of the old Psychaos project blasting dancefloors all over the globe ever since.

2020 is the 25th anniversary of Psychaos. You can expect to see and hear some interesting releases, re-releases, remakes and remixes of the classics

His sets now feature a wide range of his music from the 90s through to today .. it’s a real trip !!