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Selection of Joti’s Releases and collaborations as well as Live set’s and mixes ecompassing different styles and influences. Known as Psychaos to the universal Goa Trance and Psytrance tribes or as Jhothi where he opens the doors and our minds to Psychedelic Techno.

Joti teams up with Alex Tolstey from Boshke Beats alongside many talented Artsits, like James Monro, M2 (The Delta), Extrawelt, Inusco, Ronen Shistin and more, to bring a new series of genre-defying tunes “The Outlaws Vol.1” on IbogaTech Records. Outlaws blazes new trails through a dense palette of soundscapes, offering a carefully curated selection of hybrid, techno infused tunes, delivered with twists and turns that fall outside of any law. Released on 20th April 2020, Listen & check out the Outlaws Vol.1 compilation HERE

Jobred, is featured on the Compliation Outlaws Vol.1 released 20/04/2020 on IbogaTech Records.

As part of the Psychaos 25th year Anniversary, Joti created an exclusive 90minute Retro Goa Trance Mix for Rave Atlas & Chill Lover Radio, including many unreleased and alternative Psychaos tracks for everyone to enjoy, unreleased versions of Science Ficton, SETI, Soundbeams, Intellect, Chaos to Order & Keyboard Window to name but a few.

90 Minute Retro set from Psychaos, featuring unreleased tracks!

JHOTHI’s (aka. Jothi Sidhu) Live Psychedelic Techno set as part of the Boshke Beats Mix series, This set was recorded Live at ZNA Gathering last summer. Once again Joti is pushing the bounderies with this storming 3 hour adventure into Techno and many of his different styles and infleunces. Don’t let your ears miss out on this!

3h Psychedlic Techno Live set, recorded Live at ZNA Gathering 2019 on Boshke Beats / Market Stage, featured on RadiOzora.

Virtual Jungle, by DNA. This is a remake Album of the 1997 original : D ‘n A means Dino & Avi, This is Israeli trance at it’s best, remade in collaboration with Dino Psaras & Avi Algaranati, Oli & Joti in 2016.

Virtual Jungle – DNA 2016 Remake featuring tracks with Joti and friends.

Delicious sounds and a killer psytrance collaboration between Joti & Plasmotek, ‘The Moon’ on Plasmotek’s album ‘Soulwire’ released in 2015. Delicious sounds and a massive bassline, guaranteed to send you on an outerspace adventure.

Plasmoteks Album Soulwire, featuring The Moon with Joti, realeased in 2015.

Click Bait, the first release on Psychaos Recordings, a pure psytrance track, available to buy on beatport

Click Bait, available to buy on Beatport

Blowing My Mind, the second release on Psychaos Recordings, available to buy on beatport.

Click Bait, available to buy on Beatport

Psychaos, Live from Ozora Festival Main Stage, an explosive Psytrance set for the 2013 Edition.

Relive the Psychaos Ozora experiance in this explosive Main Stage set from 2013

Psychaos : Live at Ozora Festival 2012 this set features collaborations and some special live mixes. This was a morning set so it was nice to hear him make different ‘morning’ vibes mixed with what most of you may know Psychaos for.

Psychaos Morning vibes from Ozora 2012.